Coat in black

The KAMEO long insulated coat will allow you to wear your favorite dresses even in cold weather.
The product is made of high-quality Italian fabric of black color with a pearlescent tint.
The stitching is done by hand.
The coat consists of 3 layers. Top: jacket fabric, middle: Isosoft insulation, bottom: stabilizer to retain heat.

Isosoft insulation is its own trademark of the Libeltex brand, Belgium. This material can be called completely innovative, since the Belgian company managed to create something completely new, differing in its features from previous offerings on the market.
The thermal insulation structure of the insulation includes a large number of thin fibers, due to which the product obtains the necessary thermal insulation characteristics, although its thickness remains small, which is especially important for elegant women's clothing.
This material belongs to the line of new generation insulation. It is endowed with excellent thermal insulation and also weighs very little, which sets it apart from similar artificial options of the old generation. Products made on the basis of Isosoft®️ warm twice as much as outerwear with other insulating materials, while they are durable and practical
One of the important advantages of this insulation is its hypoallergenicity. It is suitable even for people sensitive to many artificial materials.

The KAMEO coat uses Isosoft insulation with a density of 120 g/m2, which allows you to feel comfortable at temperatures from +10 to -15.