The KAMEO brand was created in 2018 and opened its own atelier-boutique, where in one space a clothing designer, cutters, and seamstresses work and create Kameostore collections.

Kameostore is a clothing brand that artfully embodies the spirit of minimalism. It is a philosophy where elegance, simplicity and high quality become the guiding principles when choosing your wardrobe.

Our brand's clothing is distinguished by strict silhouettes and consistent colors, being of particular interest to those who truly value quality and convenience.

In minimalism there is no place for a careless appearance and frivolous details. The whole image is built on carefully selected details and perfectionism.

“The courage to be yourself” is the slogan of the Kameostore Brand.
It reflects the confidence that the true beauty of a woman is not in fleeting fashion trends or revealing outfits, but in beauty through the naturalness and simplicity of the image.
Our advantages
Anywhere in products from KAMEO
Our collections are designed for everyday looks and meet the real needs of our clients: a walk with a child, a trip to the store, a trip out of town, and of course outfits for meeting friends or going to a restaurant.
Best quality
We have our own production, which allows us to 100% monitor the quality of fabrics and finished products. You can always come to our studio to get to know us.
We are not a mass product, thanks to which we can satisfy the wishes of each client with his individual needs.
You can constantly supplement your capsule with individual items from the KAMEO brand, increasing the number of your looks.
Universal fit
We create models that hide figure flaws and emphasise its advantages!
My name is Svetlana Soldunova
I am the founder of the KAMEO brand.
Nice to meet you!

Since childhood, starting at the age of five, I have been interested in sewing outfits for dolls from pieces of fabric that my mother gave me. At that time, it was very difficult to find beautiful and high-quality fabric, and buying a fashionable item was a great success. It was probably these circumstances that pushed me to experiment and create something unique. Traveling around the world, I carefully studied the clothing style of women in different countries, such as France, Germany and America. I noticed that there was something in common in the fashion and culture of these countries that particularly inspired me: simplicity of clothing, purity of image, calm colors and smooth lines. The focus was on the woman herself, her individual style and manners.

I received an education as a fashion designer, which meets international standards of higher education. Lived in France and America. All this time I attended various courses that formed my cultural level: “History of Art”, “Academic Drawing”, “Academic Painting”, “Fundamentals of Production Skills”.

It took me a long time to create my own clothing brand, where any woman can find her own style.

Project concept

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Showroom address
Kalaranna 8/2, Tallinn, Estonia.
Telephone: +37258502530
A visit to the showroom is carried out
by appointment by phone.